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Leconte Glacier

Leconte Glacier Charter

Charter duration: 45 minutes
Dates of operation: Year-round

Our Leconte Glacier charter flies over some of the most beautiful sights available in Southeast Alaska. The scenery is unbeatable anywhere in the world, and is a must see for everyone who visits Alaska. The animals that can be seen under the flight path of Pacific Wings' aircraft are beautiful and impressive. Moose, Mountain Goats, Seals, Sea Lions, Black Bears, and the occasional Brown Bear are just a sampling of the wildlife seen on the LeConte Glacier Tour. Contact Us

Photo: LeConte Glacier © Donel Judy

Devils Thumb

Patterson Glacier

Devil's Thumb Charter

Charter duration: 1 Hour
Dates of operation: Year-round

This magnificent mountain is part of a group of striking rock peaks on the western edge of the Stikine Icecap. Devil's Thumb is a prominent landmark from Petersburg and stands just under 10,000 feet (9,077), which marks the Canada-US border. The north face is a sheer cliff of 6,700 ft from its base to the summit. In North American it is the steepest face its' size. This breathtaking charter flies over Baird Glacier, then around Devils Thumb's jetting peaks and then down to Leconte Glacier and out into the beautiful iceberg laden Leconte Bay. A must see charter! Contact Us

Photos: (top) Devils Thumb & (bottom) Patterson Glacier © Donel Judy




Leconte Glacier

Baird Glacier

Stikine River & Leconte Glacier Charters

Charter duration: 45 minutes
Dates of operation: Year-round

Minutes away from Petersburg is one of the most powerful and beautiful sights in the world. The Stikine River ice field is 2900 square miles and extends 120 miles. Many glaciers spill out of this magnificent ice field, with three picturesque glaciers easily accessible from Petersburg. The Baird and Patterson Glacier both spill into the Thomas Bay area and terminate at a braided out wash plain.
To the south of these glaciers is arguably the most beautiful glacier in Southeast; the LeConte Glacier. The LeConte is the southernmost active tidewater glacier in the northern hemisphere. The face of this glacier breaks off into the 800+ foot deep LeConte Bay and produces massive icebergs with a resounding splash. These icebergs are home to a large population of Harbor Seals. Surrounding the Stikine Ice field are the impressive peaks of the Coastal Mountain Range, including the renowned Devil's Thumb. Contact Us

Photos: (top) LeConte Glacier & (bottom) Baird Glacier © Donel Judy


Personalized Charters

Charter duration: By the Hour
Dates of operation: Year-round

This charter is for those who want to personalize their flight make it their own. Whether it be a combination of the above charters or a special place of interest in the surrounding area, Pacific Wings is more than happy to help fulfill such a request. Contact Us

Photo: City of Petersburg with Devils Thumb Mt. © Donel Judy